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In Ornelas Urology the most important thing is your health. All our consultations and surgeries will always be based on the premise of making you feel better and finding a real solution to your problem.

Integral Treatment

We know that the health of the genitourinary system is important for functional, sexual and psychological health. Come with the best Urologist in Guadalajara

Urologic Surgeries

I work hand in hand with the best insurance companies. Your urologist in Guadalajara.

All Ages

From the family newborn baby to the wise great grandpa. I'm More than capable of helping you out.

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Excelence Is My Specialty

Staying ahead is an imperative in the medical world, which is why this has always been one of my main focuses. You will be taken care of by the best Urologist in Guadalajara.

Modern Equipment

The Perfect Combination Konwledge + Modern Equipment
Lower Risks and Quick Recovery.

Efficient Treatments

All our treatments are based on 100% proven evidence to offer you the best results.

Human Attention

Medicine without humanitarian sense, is just science.

Continuous Update Courses

Staying up to date has worked served me for years to offer you the best results.

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